The first for anything is always special. Miss Gracie Lou has been a long time friend from the early days when I first started to do photography. My friend Julie who is the owner of PMM (Pink Mink Mafia) invited me to my first pinup car shows. While being there I bumped into many 1950's cars and also so many beautiful models. My friend Julie was like a magnet since she was so popular in the scene. But as we kept walking I finally noticed Gigi as she walked past me. I told Julie "wow, she looks amazing. she's the one I want to shoot". Being so scared and shy my friend Julie pushed me to talk to this girl telling me "don't be scared, you need to learn how to talk to girls" which I find so funny now that I photograph so many different people. I finally did and only took 3 photos since I was too shy to do anything else.

A week passed by and my friend Julie told me she got in contact of someone special and that I would be interested. She got in contact with Gigi and told me she would be down to shoot. We finally did our shoot and long story short we kept shooting and kept hanging out since she joined the ranks of PMM. Nowadays she lives very far but I love when she visits. This set was very special since I knew it was rare to photograph with her. I kept these photos behind because I wanted to edit them in a special way. I knew I was learning a lot of valuable techniques that would make this set stand out.  I feel so proud to show off this set and I hope everyone else who visits my site or social media feels the love I put into these photographs.